What do YOU think? Is Ali Lohan’s weight loss just “a growth spurt” like her mom says?

Dina Lohan says Ali Lohan is “healthy” and “going through an awkward phase” due to a growth spurt. Mmmhmmmmmmmm…..sure. So, is everyone listening? I think Ali Lohan is going to wither away and die if she doesn’t eat a freaking sammich soon. Someone get her a sammich, fast! She might try to resist. If that happens, buy her an Uncrustable because NO ONE CAN RESIST AN UNCRUSTABLE. She will eat it, trust me. Here’s an exclusive statement she made to BlahBethany.com:

“Nothing to see here, folks, move along! Yes, so her growth spurt and rapid weight loss happened to coincide perfectly with us launching her “modeling career”…….. so what! None of this is intentional. What do you mean she didn’t have a growth spurt and she’s still the same height? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

OK, so she didn’t really make a statement to BlahBethany.com exclusively, but here’s some real, LEGIT news from Radaronline via The Superficial:

Dina is adamant though that Ali is just going through a very big growth spurt, and there is absolutely no cause for concern,” a source close to the situation tells us.

If Dina thought for one moment that Ali was suffering from an eating disorder, or feeling the pressure to be thin, she would terminate Ali’s modeling contract, and get her the necessary help.

“Ali is the one who has pestered her mom for years to get into the business. Dina held-off for years, but felt now the time was right for Ali to get into the business. As long as Dina isn’t concerned, Lindsay isn’t worried either.”

How many times have we heard this from Dina? I mean, at least now she’s speaking through a “source” instead of making direct statements. Remember when she used to say that Lindsay didn’t have a problem partying. Or when she made statements after her arrests that Lindsay’s behavior was the “normal behavior” of a young person her age? Then after that theory bombed, she talked to the press about how Lindsay was taking her sobriety seriously. Then Lindsay would be photographed the next week doing drugs? Yeah, Dina. Maybe your maternal instincts are a little off and you should listen to what everyone else is saying. Many times the only way to see things clearly is from the outside looking in.

I think that Dina has become so blinded by money and fame that she has convinced herself she really is acting in the best interest of her children. To say she would “terminate Ali’s modeling contract” if she felt concerned is a joke, she would never do that! She’d send her to rehab if anything, then put her right back into modeling again. Because she has to save face for the public.

But that, right there? That picture of Ali? That’s not genetics. That’s not a growth spurt. That is someone not eating because they want to be a thin model. Because their music career didn’t take off.  Because they can’t land any film roles. And because they live in the shadow of their older sister, who’s (inexplicably) considered the talented actress of the family. And for Dina to pretend like it healthy is really sad.

Lindsay didn’t look like that when she was young, at least not until she was a cokehead. The coke and drugs made her skinny like that. But before the drugs, in the Mean Girls era, Lindsay was always thick and healthy.

So if Ali is this skinny, what does that mean? I don’t think she’s on drugs (yet). I really don’t. But how else can you get that thing? Her poor face. It looks so sunken in and unhealthy. Like LeAnn Rimes will look in 2 months if she keeps exercising so much and eating only saltine crackers. LOOK AT ALI’S FOREARMS. Seriously. What…….ugh. It makes me feel ill.

Maybe this is step 1 of the “wanna-be-celebrity-trainwreck” action plan? Because her career has never taken off. She’s still only known (to the few people that know who she is) as Lindsay’s little sister. Will step 2 be going into rehab for an eating disorder? That’ll get her some press. Who knows. THESE PEOPLE, I swear. I feel so ridiculous saying that, because in real life, who does that? I would never think that. But in Hollywood, PEOPLE DO THIS. People get DUIs on purpose. People get photographed doing drugs on purpose. They truly think all publicity is good publicity. Ugh.

What do you think? Is she scary skinny or am I overreacting?

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