Lindsay Lohan thinks wearing sunglasses on a stick is innovative.

Lindsay Lohan was at Fashion Week in NYC, OF COURSE, because even though all she does is wear leggings and bikinis, she delusionally thinks she is a fashion icon because US weekly puts her in “Who Wore It Best” polls.

She showed up to a magazine party looking like Anna Nicole Smith. The dress. Her boobs. The messy hair. Her lips. The face. What has happened to her poor face? She used to be so pretty. And now she’s just…. she’s NOT. Who told her that looks good? Such delusion.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what the hell she was holding in her hands and then I realized SHE’S HOLDING SUNGLASSES ON A STICK. *facepalm* She thinks she’s so fucking cool. Seriously, look at her posing with those ridiculous things.

Maybe they were part of a display at a boutique and you are supposed to hold your face in front of each pair to see what they look like on you in a mirror? To prevent theft? So the stick attached to the glasses is an anti-theft device? And she stolen them anyway? I think that’s the most logical explanation. Because no one in their right mind thinks sunglasses on a stick is cute.

Do you think her stupid sunglasses are cute?

Here are a few of her fashion week highlights I don’t want to write about because it would take too long:

  • The story where she’s kicked out of the Marc Jacobs party. via Page Six
  • The story where she throws a drink at a waitress, punches innocent bystander and possibly sent someone to the hospital. via NY Mag
  • The story with “sources” that say Lindsay is “distressed” amid “inaccurate” news reports of her Fashion Week antics. Riiiiight… via Too Fab

Oh, and here’s Lindsay with her trainwreck-of-a-mother Dina, because that’s what real moms do. They piggyback off their daughter’s disaster of a life in order to be photographed and mentioned occasionally on the internet:

photos via via The Daily Mail

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