Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s (hot) little sister Elizabeth is generating Oscar buzz!

Looks like Elizabeth Olsen, the unknown younger Olsen sister, has made a name for herself doing something her sister’s can’t do very well…..acting! (And being incredibly hot in this GQ photoshoot, but I’m not going there in this post.)

She scored a leading role in Martha Marcy May Merlene. The 22-year-old plays Martha, who escapes a cult and has a hard time readjusting to normal life. I attached the trailer, it’s really, really different than Full House. I’m glad she’s not taking career advice from her sister’s management team.

It’s a tiny baby film, a role she took for respect, not for money. It’ll be a limited release on October 21, definitely not going to be a huge $100 million blockbuster film, but of course that doesn’t stop the Oscar buzz for her performance.

Can you imagine if she won an Oscar? Or even was nominated? The anonymous younger Olsen Twin does something neither of her sisters will never do? And yes, I can say that and be 100% sure Mary Kate and Ashley won’t win an Oscar. Ever. They just don’t have the chops. Their acting careers post-cute-kid-phase have been pretty much non-existent because a cute face doesn’t cut it when you’re in real films.

Mary Kate had a supporting role in Beastly, which bombed. Maybe their egos prevent them from acting more because they know they will fail? They’re not going to get any roles that make them suddenly go to WHOA I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW TALENTED THE OLSEN TWINS ARE NOW! So why would they do it? There’s no room to go up. Only down. Plus they’ve achieved INCREDIBLE success (AKA they’re filthy rich) from their multiple business ventures in fashion. And they have a not-fucking-crazy family, so of course they’d be happy for her. But this leads me to the post important part of this post:

Can you imagine if Lindsay’s little sister, Ali Lohan, won an Oscar? After all the times Lindsay has talked about how talented she is and how she wants to win an Oscar? Just think about that for a minute. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Lindsay would be so bitter. SOOOO BITTER. Step two would be to plant drugs in Ali’s purse so she got arrested after the awards ceremony and would lose any respect from her Oscar win and end up another tabloid disaster like Lindsay.

via Star Pulse

One response

  1. Nate

    Hot? I do not think you know what that word means.

    September 18, 2011 at 1:56 PM

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