Kim Kardashian used some of they money she got pimping out her wedding to buy a $325k Ferrari

Kim Kardashian made a buttload of cash pimping out her wedding to E!. Not only did the network pay for her wedding, they paid her on top of that for footage, she had endorsement deals from various venders to give gifts to her high profile guests, endorsements from Vera Wang, Rolls Royce to chauffeur her VIP guests, she sold the photos, video footage, interviews, etc. She probably made a good $5-10 million. Some outlets estimated her profiting as much at $15 million. The only people that know the real number are Kim, Kris (her husband), and Kris (her Momager).

In case you’re wondering, of COURSE Kim took all of that cash and wisely invested it into stocks, real estate, and cellulite treatment. JUST KIDDING! She bought a totally unnecessary $325k sports car. Why is it unnecessary? According to TMZ:

Earlier this year, Kim picked up a BALLER customized Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s unclear how much she paid for that ride, but they usually START at $255k.

Kim also has a “super-charged” $115k Range Rover in her garage – along with several other cars she likes to drive when she doesn’t feel like showing off.

The funny this is  she probably can’t even drive the car because it’s stick shift. Although, I take it back…. she’s shown that she’s good with a stick shift (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) so maybe she does know how to drive it.

While I understand Kim is super rich, she doesn’t have like…JENNIFER LOPEZ money. She doesn’t have “buy a $30 million dollar second home in the Hamptoms” money. I don’t think you should have that many expensive cars until you have J-Lo money. Kim doesn’t have J-Lo money. She also doesn’t have J-Lo staying power….which is more important here. Kim will NOT be this famous in 10 years. She’s 30 now. She will start to age soon. She won’t be the same sex icon she is now. Maybe her clothing lines will be doing well then (a la Jessica Simpson), but she’s not going to be tabloid fixture and a television star in 10 years. She will have had a baby by then, her body won’t recover (because seriously, she’s no Gisele), and the only time she’ll get mentioned in the press is when people speculate she had a tummy tuck or saying she NEEDS a tummy tuck.

So my advice to Kim is to start saving up that cash, buy a f*cking Toyota Prius, and stop buying everything in black and white because it’s boring and annoying. You paid like $100k for ALL WHITE FLOWERS AT YOUR WEDDING. Can you imagine how pretty it could’ve been if she used a little color? But no. Boring black and white. Blahhhhh. Why don’t people ask me before making stupid decisions? I will set you straight, ho. Come to me and I’ll teach you the ways of the world.

photo via and story via TMZ

2 responses

  1. I just find it totally un necessary to drop that much money on fcuking car. I know that celebs give money to charities, but that money could have made the WORLD to at least 20 charities. It makes me sick to see people spending so much money on a CAR.

    And also, I live pay check to pay check….my ’03 Saturn Vue is probably as much as one insurance payment on Kim’s new whip. Real talk lol

    October 6, 2011 at 5:03 PM

  2. Anonymous

    Kim not go to have a baby by kris they are gone to break up in 6 years this is it real it just for a wedding

    October 15, 2011 at 2:42 PM

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