Prepare your eyes for her beauty and allow me to introduce VICKY POLLARD.

I was reading this article during my lunch break about how some teenagers’ brains don’t develop correctly and it is supposedly the cause for a lot of behavioral problems. At least I think that’s what the article said, to be honest I can’t remember because I’m currently experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from laying my eyes on this creature:

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE TO YOU……….Vicky Pollard. I had to do some work to figure out who she is. The photo was linked in the article with little to no explanation. The caption was vague:

Yeah, but: Vicky Pollard-esque teens can’t be blamed for their behaviour

At least I got a name. VICKY POLLARD. After seeing the picture, I searched furiously for an explanation. WHO IS THIS CREATURE? How can I find out more about her? So I googled her to find out as much as I could, and found these beautiful images:

Unfortunately, after Googling her I found out that Vicky is a fictional character from a television show called Little Britain. This news was pretty devastating to me, because she has everything going for her. EVERYTHING! She has the body, the face, the notoriety. I planned on making her a regular fixture in my Celebrity Gossip section. But sadly, Vicky is actually named Matt Lucas. Can you believe it!? That beautiful woman is actually a man. The producers must have had used the most talented makeup/wardrobe in the industry to transform a man into such a convincing woman. I never would’ve guessed.

The fact that she’s not real doesn’t curb my obsession, though. I plan on YouTubing the SHIT out of her later. So, stay tuned. THIS IS NOT THE LAST YOU’LL SEE OF VICKY POLLARD. Not if it’s up to me.

(And yes, I added this post into my “eye candy” category. DON’T JUDGE ME.)

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