Vinny isn’t attracted to Snooki, so he couldn’t keep it up. Makes sense.


After watching this week’s Jersey Shore, I’m officially TEAM SNOOKI IS A LIAR. From the second Mike said they hooked up, I believed him. Especially because her reaction was weird, she said he was lying maybe once or twice, then after that she just kept saying it wasn’t cool, “stay out of her business,” etc. If he was really lying and trying to sabotage her relationship, you know she would’ve freaked out way more than she did.

THENNNN this week she banged Vinny and told him she wasn’t drunk. Woke up and told Jenny she wasn’t that drunk. Then tried to claim she was so drunk she doesn’t remember having sex with him. REALLY? Yeah. See, this supports my theory that people who claim to black out always conveniently black out. Girls I know always forget the really embarrassing dumb shit they do. But never drama, or normal things. I just think people use alcohol as an excuse and lie and say they don’t remember doing it. But I 100% think she knew what she did the next day.

But anyway, Vinny was on the aftershow with the love of my life, Kenny Santucci, and talked about their awkward sex. AKA he couldn’t keep it up. The video makes me laugh, so enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But after you watch it……..are you confused why he says he’s “not really physically attracted to Snooki,” too? What’s that all about? She looks BETTER this season, so you’d think he’d be more attracted to her. I mean…..personally ,I don’t think she’s attractive. But he did last year, at least enough to have sex with her, say he cared about her, and keep it up long enough to have sex. What changed? Part of me thinks he just banged her to be more relevant in season two, since she was such a big star after season one. I dunno. Man, I over analyze these behaviors way too much. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

With that note, I’ll end on this:

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