Christina Aguilera is a natural beauty. Especially in a leotard that doesn’t fit correctly.

I apologize that so much of my blog is dedicated to making fun of people that look fat and/or ugly… but REALLY……….. Christina Aguilera needs to listen to everyone and stop wearing shit like this. I could NEVER. WEAR. A. LEOTARD. And would 100% expect people to call me a fatass if I did. So she shouldn’t wear one either, because clearly, CLEARLY, she doesn’t have the body for it.

And honestly? The worst part about these photos isn’t even her frumpy body. It’s her face. Her face looks like it gained 20 of the total 30 lbs she gained. Her face took the brunt of it. So she just looks a hot mess.
Seriously, look how huge her head is. IT’S GIGANTIC. Here’s somebackground on why she’s dancing around in a too-tight leotard after injecting vegetable oil into her face, courtesy of Radar Online:
Christina Aguilera poured her very ample curves into a skimpy corset and fishnets as she performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales on Saturday.

With her oh-so-unflattering outfit plus her blonde hair extensions looking wild and unkempt, the 30-year-old singer drew gasps from the audience. And while her performance of Charlie Chaplin‘s ‘Smile – one of the King of Pop’s favorite songs – was a hit, her ensemble hit a seriously bum note.

The too-tight outfit did nothing to complement her curves, which has earned her both praise and criticism in the past. She did change into a more demure outfit later for a second set,  but it was her get-up which stuck in the minds of the 40,000 fans who had turned up to show their support for Jackson’s memory.

Aguilera joined the likes of Cee Lo Green, Jamie Foxx and Smokey Robinson for the show called Michael Forever. Jackson’s three kids were also there, with daughter Paris wearing a duplicate of her dad’s famous Thriller jacket.

I wish they would’ve taken the tribute a step further and caught Xtina’s hair on fire at the end. That would’ve done everyone a favor.

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