Rashida Jones and I are soul sisters. (Quote of the Day)


Rashida Jones did a “20 questions with Playboy” interview. I recommend reading it, but this is my favorite part, mainly because I think naked dudes are totally unsexy:

PLAYBOY: With all the improv on Parks and Rec, does the comedy tend to devolve into we-can’t-say-that-on-TV territory?
JONES: Often. We do something called fun runs. Once we have the scene in the can, we get an opportunity to do whatever comes into our heads. My patented move is to do a penis joke. In an episode of Parks and Rec last season, Amy Poehler’s and Adam Scott’s characters are going on a road trip together, and she wants to make it as unsexy as possible so she can avoid having feelings for him. I say, “Why don’t you make him a mix tape with, like, German glockenspiel music and Roosevelt’s great speeches on it?” Then I say, “Why don’t you ask him about his penis?”

PLAYBOY: Wait. What’s unsexy about a penis?
JONES: Well, A, everything, and B, it’s the last thing a guy wants a woman to be talking about when they’re on an awkward business trip together. They ended up keeping the line in the episode.

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