Blake Lively played Leonoardo DiCaprio SO HARD. I’m so proud. *tear*

Blake, Blake, Blake. So, her and Leo are done after 5 glorious A-list months together. At first I was a little bit sad……..OK, alotabit sad. It was so adorable how back in 2008, Blake said in an interview (you can watch here) that she grew up wanting to marry him, and 3 years later it happened! Like she wished it into existence! Well, I mean, it didn’t happen technically, they never got married, but news of them being a couple gave me hope it could happen! The romantic inside of me (read: psycho) hoped they’d end up married and pro-creating. But alas, no such luck. They broke up, he moved on WITHIN DAYS to (several) beautiful models, and Blake pulled a power move and immediately moved on to another A-listed, Ryan Reynolds. Heeeeeeeeey *z snap* TAKE THAT, Leo. Part of me wonders if this was the plan all along. Allow me to explain….let’s look at the facts and a rough timeline:

  • The Green Lantern starts filming in early 2010, and from what I can tell was filming as late as July 2010, when Ryan hurt his shoulder.
  • While filming, Ryan and Scarlett were still together. At least publicly they were. Was it already over and they weren’t telling people? Was it over and they knew it was over, but they hadn’t given up yet? They’re way too private, we’ll never know.
  • Ryan and Scarlett announce their separation on December 14, 2010. They don’t talk about ANYTHING. No one knows why it ended. I personally don’t think Blake had anything to do with it, I think there was marriage troubles well before they announced it, but who knows.
  • During the spring of 2011, hard core promoting starts for Green Lantern. Ryan and Blake start making appearances at gaming/comic conventions, doing interviews, and rumors surface of them hooking up. Those got denied.
  • Leo and Blake start dating in May 2011, during the promotion of Green Lantern. People shut up about Ryan and her, because obviously she’s with Leo, right?
  • June 17, 2011, Green Lantern is released
  • October 2011, Publicists confirm Leo and Blake split up
  • 5 seconds later Blake and Ryan are photographed together

Looking at that, I can make quite a few conclusions. They might not be right, but…… they’re there. In a nutshell, what do I think happened? I think Ryan and Blake wanted to be together immediately after him and Scarlett broke up. It was too soon. They waited. She dated Leo until she could be with Ryan, and now they’re together. But I’ll talk about it in some more detail…

As fame goes, if Ryan dated someone immediately, the tabloids would assume Blake was involved in the split and have a field day. So if it wasn’t true, I can see why they’d want to wait. Alternately, if Ryan dated Blake immediately but for some unknown reason didn’t pin the end of his marriage on her, it would still hurt his nice guy, All-American image. People would think he was a jerk for moving on so quickly. Or place blame on him for the divorce.

The thing you need to remember is when this started. When they spent time together. When they fell for each other. It was while they filmed. Back in 2010. It’s the most common story in Hollywood, beautiful costars falling for each other. There was too short of a time period between Leo and Ryan for there to be a budding romance. She went RIGHT to Ryan.

They played everybody, you guys. He “needed time to heal,” or at least wanted people to THINK he needed time to heal. He wanted to save face. To not be a jerk to his ex-wife and move from one “it” girl to the next. So he told Blake it would happen between them, but not right away. Maybe he didn’t promise her it would happen, but she knew it would if she gave him some space? Who knows… All I know is,  and she made the decision to kill some time until they could be together. She killed time with LEONARDO F*CKING DICAPRIO. 

I…………….I have never been so in love with Blake. I’m already obsessed with her, and now it’s just at a whole new level. SHE PLAYED THE BIGGEST PLAYER IN HOLLYWOOD. And you know the first person Leo called when Blake dumped him was Bar Rafaeli, right? And she laughed in his face, sitting on her piles of money. She will never go back to him. And good for her! Leo finally gave her a reason not to run back after all those years.

Bar went back to him over and over again when he dumped her. He never wanted to put a ring on it. Never got serious. He’d dump her, and sleep around, and go back to her. But it’s different thing time because he HUMILIATED her. He dated a famous actress. He let rumors go around that he was serious with Blake. That he was considering an engagement. That’s what did him in. So he’s lost two “it” girls”. Once you dump a Victoria’s Secret model for an actress, she’s not going back to you. Her pride won’t let her.

In summary, good for Ryan for moving on after a rough divorce. Good for Blake for trading up. Good for Bar Rafaeli for moving on. And Good for Leo for……oh wait. Leo got screwed here. Poor, poor Leo, except no one feels sorry for him. Because he millions of women around the world that still want to sleep with him and he’s rich as hell. So I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    well damn. aren’t you lil miss detective! like it.

    October 25, 2011 at 8:05 PM

  2. qas

    Seriously, what did leo ever do to you player hater!!! Leo dumped blake cause the question came up(real player), she just got lucky at ryan cause he to was trying to move on from his divorce in other words used she it to cover up after all he must have explored everything and I mean everything. What’s up with leo calling bar?! Honestly!! You sound like agirl whoses been dumped several times(hmm maybe she was). Like the article though your good.

    November 13, 2011 at 8:58 PM

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