What do YOU think? Is it ethical for to NBC pay Casey Anthony for her interview?

When Casey Anthony was released from jail, there was a media frenzy to score the first interview. Her skeevy lawyer, Jose Baez, wanted to entertain all the offers and set up an official negotiation session. It was clear from the beginning that NBC really wanted it, they even paid for the hotel room. TMZ got wind that this was happening and wrote about it. At that point, the public became outraged NBC was going to let her profit from a sad situation, and the negotiations broke down. All the news channels backtracked and said they were no longer going to pursue a paid interview. Basically they got caught red-handed and didn’t want backlash.

Looks like NBC let some time pass, and they’re back at it. TMZ is reporting NBC has found a way around having to admit they’re paying Casey for an interview.  They’re using their connections to score her a book deal, and in return Casey is granting them an interview. A lot of people are upset about this. I don’t get it. Well, wait. Let me rephrase. I GET IT. I get that a murderer shouldn’t profit off killing her kid by getting a book deal, or getting paid 7 figures for an interview.

But want to know the truth? The TMZ article I read had a poll, “NBC: Clever or shame on them?” and voted “Shame on them” because I know that’s what I’m supposed to say. And deep down I know it’s wrong. But honestly? I’d DVR that interview like no one’s business and I’d watch every second of it. And I’m pretty sure the other 44,702 people who voted in the poll would agree with me. TMZ is saying:

The honchos at NBC — the C stands for crafty — think they figured out a way to snag an interview with Casey Anthony without paying a red cent, and make her a wealthy woman at the same time.

We’ve learned an NBC news producer has reached out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. The producer has contacted literary agents and others, telling them if he scored a book deal for Casey, she’d give the network a 1-hour, primetime special … portions of which would also run on “Today.”

The producer makes it clear — NBC couldn’t pay a cent for the interview.  But he is gung-ho about the book deal, even representing that Casey wants up front money.

Jose Baez, Casey’s lawyer, tells TMZ … he has full knowledge of the producer’s efforts, but says, “I’m not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it.”

Baez was quick to add, “Casey is not ready to do an interview.”

Instead of going through all the effort to score her a book deal, why doesn’t NBC just pay her for the interview and move on? We all know you’re trying to be sneaky, NBC. Just own it and people will move on. Everyone will act outraged for a week or two before the interview airs, threaten to boycott NBC, 20 million people will tune in to watch it, the people who threatened to boycott will stop watching NBC for a week or two, and then when the next big thing happens in the news, they’ll forget and keep watching. And maybe 1% of the people who threatened to boycott will actually quit NBC for good. That’s how it works. That’s how it works with EVERYTHING. That interview is going to happen. Someone is going to pay Casey for it. When? Who knows. But it will happen. So my argument is just, get it over with, pay her, admit you paid her, and move on.

What do you think? If NBC is determined to score the interview, would you rather them pay her and admit it, or be sneaky and try to get her a book deal so they can save face to the public?

5 responses

  1. why would some People even be interested in a Interview from C. Anthony or for that Matter a Book. Huge Waste of Money and time.
    It seems to me we have heard and seen enough of her to last a Life time.
    This Person doesn’t know how to tell the Truth and doesn’t want too.
    The Majority of People won’t forget what she has done to her Daughter and got away with.
    It’s a sad Day when committing a Crime and getting away with it gives You the Opportunity to profit from it and even make You a so called Celebrity.
    People which support such a Person are the ones who make that possible!
    Nothing to be proud of. Any of those People remember the Victim? Caylee Marie Anthony! I doubt it.
    It seems to be All about Greed and Ratings. Leave me out of that, I for one won’t have anything to do with this and support such Behavior.

    October 24, 2011 at 1:01 PM

  2. offthecuff

    IF NBC is helping her with a book deal, then they will probably get kickbacks form the book deal, selling it, etc.

    Whatever….I say pay the lady. They pay everyone else, so why not? Does it look better for Dr. Phil to interview because the money is supposedly (but not really) going to a good cause and he’s there to help the Anthonys?

    It’s crazy for every show to have to maneuver to make themselves look worthy of a show or interview. There would be nothing on TV ever if everything is squeaky clean and “ethical”.

    Let the princess have her day…or a series of days. It won’t be any worse or better than what has come out of her parents’ mouths. People can watch or not watch. NBC would simply be holding the mirror up for the world and Casey herself to see.

    Let the money flow and have her pay back what she owes. Let her get rich on her ugly. Hollywood does it all the time.

    October 24, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    • you got a point offthecuff, that doesn’t mean we have to like it, at the same time it is Reality, sadly.

      October 24, 2011 at 4:27 PM

  3. Anonymous

    If NBC pulls this off I will never again watch NBC, as well as boycott any and all products advertised on this network, I feel this strongly about it. And I bet tens of thousands of other people feel just as strongly. Yes, money talks, but when the money walks away, that speaks louder than words. We have the power to stop crap like this.

    October 24, 2011 at 8:07 PM

  4. This reminds me of all the drama around the OJ trial. How many of you remember the book “If I Did It”? This will play out the same way. Casey Anthony won’t be on the pop culture radar screen a year from now…well, unless she takes up with someone in the Presidential election. But businesses exist to make money, not to be pure and ethical, so any time a business, like NBC, sees an opportunity to profit, no matter how sleazy–and in most cases, the more disgusting the subject, the more money it makes, then it’s going to seize the opportunity.

    Very cool update, Bethany. Keep on writing!

    October 24, 2011 at 9:37 PM

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