Courtney Stodden was kicked out of a pumpkin patch for dressing like a street walker.

17 year old Courtney Stodden, my favorite teen train wreck, was kicked out of a pumpkin patch this week for her wearing cowgirl prostitute Halloween costume in front of children. That’s what it was, right?…….a Halloween costume? Oh wait, that’s what she actually wears out in public? MY BAD.

Her and her husband (YES, she’s married) Doug Hutchison, were actually both kicked out because they made a spectacle of themselves for the paparazzi. They are trying to get a reality show (and failing) so I’m guessing they are trying to seem somehow relevant by being photographed

I don’t blame the pumpkin patch for kicking her out since, you know… PUMPKIN PATCHES ARE FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. And seeing her dressed like that could permanently scar them for life. Although Courtney does have an argument to stay since she’s still legally a child *glares at Doug Hutchison*

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL LIFE. What is wrong with America? More importantly, what is wrong with me for 1) caring about this and 2) actually admitting I care and 3) admitting I care on my blog to thousands of people? I should be ashamed of myself. You guys too, since you’re still reading it and enabling my addiction to this crap.


Also, I found this gif and I wanted to post it because it’s amazing. I have no idea who found it, but whoever made it? THANK YOU. You captured her perfectly.

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