I finally watch an episode of X Factor? Summary: I LOVE ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE.

OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t FINALLY watch an episode….technically I’ve already seen one (the second episode of the season) and stopped after that. And finally watched ANOTHER episode. But that doesn’t make as great of a title for the blog, so I lied. SUE ME.

But anway, I stopped watching after seeing one episode because I didn’t have time and I just wasn’t into it. My best friend is a fan so I watched an episode last night at her house… DAMN SON… there are a couple really good people!

The really good people happen to be all black. They get all the talent, and the athletic ability, and the singing chops! Not fair! I wish I had some type of discernible talent besides an encyclopedic memory for gossip and the ability to blog like no one’s business.

Here are some of the performances I saw and the people I liked:

Marcus Canty is amazing. I love him. His performance is great. I know nothing about Bobby Brown, but his performance reminded me a lot of Chris Brown. He looked like he had been doing this for years. Skip to 1:26 to watch him actually perform.

This little dude is named Astro. He’s an itty bitty baby rapper. I love ’em and wanna squeeze ’em. I doubt he’ll win, but I hope Lil Wayne drops a track with him for fun.

Stereo Hogz…worst name ever, which might be why they ended up in the bottom 2? But I still liked their performance a lot. The first song in their medley sucked, but all the other song choices were good, and I liked the choreography. The very beginning with the a capella was SO BAD though. So off key and searching for notes. Maybe that’s why people didn’t vote. Also, going first doesn’t help as far as voting goes…

Leroy Bell… DUDE IS 59 YEARS OLD. That’s all I have to say:

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