Parents tell kids they ate all their Halloween candy. ADORABLE reactions…

Jimmy Kimmel told viewers to tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy and record it.

My favorite are the two kids at the end. The kid on the right is definitely a 30 year old stuck in an 8 year old’s body. He’s super suave. Also, what’s up with the 12 year old crying on his bed? YOU SHOULDN’T CRY OVER CANDY WHEN YOU’RE 12. And I also loved the “DAD, You’re UGLY!” girl. Classic line, classic line.

Just for fun, I found the full original video of my two favorite kids at the end. The way Jimmy Kimmel edited the clip definitely made it funnier, but there are still a lot of cute moments they didn’t include… those kids are adorable.

Thanks to my coworker Jenna for showing me this, even though she constantly mocks me for blogging.

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