I’ll take sexually suggestive exercise equipment for $500, Alex.

One of my friends, WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, just sent me this video in hopes that I hadn’t seen it yet….

She has always been determined to find a viral video before I do. And she succeeded. I definitely hadn’t seen this yet and I feel dirty now that I’ve watched it, hahaha. I want to make sure all of you feel just as uncomfortable as me, so watch it too! Let’s make this thing bigger (that’s what she said) than the Snuggie.

FYI, this is one of those moments that I’m torn between posting something funny and not posting something because I know my mom reads my website. HI MOM!!! *waves* Just want you to know I’ve never kissed a man before, and I posted this because it’s a excellent piece of fitness equipment.

*adds to Christmas list*

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