Zach Anner is back, with help from John Mayer, for his new travel show, Rollin’ With Zach

Do you guys remember Zach Anner? I wrote about how he competed in Oprah Winfrey‘s contest to win your own show on her network. Despite having cerebral palsy, he is traveling the world and showing people his activities. John Mayer took a certain liking to him, and offered his help in any way possible. Looks like it materialized into writing and producing the theme song for Zach’s new show, Rollin’ With Zach. d’awwww. I love John. What a nice guy. You can hear the first tidbit of the song in the preview for Zach’s new show!:

I can’t get the stupid video to work, so click here to watch it!

In season one of Rollin’ With Zach, he travels from coast to coast, visiting Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Portland. Each episode is filled with humor and emotion, as Zach meets new people, indulges in his favorite treats, and attempts new and exciting experiences he never thought possible! From surfing to sailing, rock climbing to water-skiing, he challenges himself to try the unexpected, and at times – the seemingly impossible. And when things don’t go as planned, Zach embraces the problem with his sharp sense of humor and a positive attitude, because travel is an adventure and sometimes you just have to “roll with it!”

(Home Makeover + Biggest Loser) x 933,242 = how much I’m going to cry every episode of Rollin’ With Zach.

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