Tiger Woods shaking his old caddy’s hand. AWWWKKKWARRDDDDD

For those of you that don’t understand why this is awkward, here’s a quick recap:

“I put my hand out there to shake. As I said, life goes forward. There are some great things that Stevie and I did. That’s how I look at it. I know he probably looks at it differently than I do, but, hey, life goes forward. I’m very happy with what we did in our career together. But life goes forward.”

Even though he was on the bag for 13 of Woods’ 14 major-championship victories, Williams called the victory in August with [another golfer] the “most satisfying” win of his 33-year career as a caddie.

Williams further poked Woods two weeks ago at an annual caddie banquet, saying his Bridgestone joy was prompted by his desire to “shove it up that black arse—-.” Woods accepted Williams’ quick apology when they met and shook hands at a gym last week during the Australian Open.

Life goes on, yes, but resentment apparently lingers.

Seriously, the look on Tiger’s face is priceless. So awkward it makes me feel uncomfortable just looking at it. But to top it off, Tiger got his ass kicked. So he has that going for him.

via Huff Po

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