Mirror Mirror trailer released! Julia Roberts has the worst accent EVER.

The trailer for Mirror, Mirror, AKA the people-version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was released. The film, which stars Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, and Julia Roberts and the Evil Queen, is set to open wide March 16. After watching the trailer, you can see it totally deviates from the story we all grew up with. What do you guys think?

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the trailer ever since I heard about the project earlier in the year. Of course, being a chick, I’m a sucker for all the Disney fairy tale films from my childhood, and Snow White is actually my favorite of them all. When I heard Julia Roberts was attached to the project, I thought, “Well then it’s got to be a good script!” Plus Artie Hammer, off his career-high with Social Network… and Lily Collins…. an “it girl” up and comer? They’re all at a point in their careers where they can cherry pick scripts. I figured if they decided to attach themselves to this project, it will end up being great.

I WAS WRONG, YOU GUYS. I was soooooo wrong. This looks really, really bad, doesn’t it? And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think the reason I hate it so much is because of Julia Roberts. I thought she’d make a film better. You know, a $10 million insurance policy by the production company to make sure that if everyone else sucks, at least Julia won’t?

But nope, bad move. No one else is sucking in that trailer except Julia, but maybe that’s because the trailer is ENTIRELY. JULIA. ROBERTS. I think Lily Collins (Snow White) said about 10 words in the whole thing. It’s just all Julia, yapping away in her terrible fake accent. Plus they gave away basically every part of the storyline. I HATE trailers that do that. I’m looking at you, Letters to Juliet (WORST. TRAILER. EVER. SERIOUSLY, GO WATCH IT).

I mean, wow. Julia Roberts’ career has turned to shit, hasn’t it? I feel like she’s done nothing notable in the last 5-6 years. Larry Crowne was the last movie she was in that I can think of, and that totally bombed. And seriously, if you’ve been in nothing good for years, and you want to preserve your legacy as an A-list, adored by millions, all-American actress, at least hire a dialect coach and make sure you actually, ya know, talk in an accent when you sign up for a role that requires one? Half the time she uses it (granted it’s still terribly executed), half the time she doesn’t, and the rest of the time it’s like……………I don’t know. I can’t even explain it. That was terrible. TERRIBLE.

At least Lily Collins looks gorgeous. Never thought I’d say it, but Snow White and the Huntsman (with Kristen Stewart) is going to be so so so so SO much better. I realize they’re both different, with Mirror Mirror being geared towards children and chicks, whereas SW&TH will appeal to Twihards, women, and maybe even men? I can see that happening if dudes can suck it up and actually say, “two tickets to Snow White and the Huntsman, please” out loud, which I’m not sure they’ll be able to do. So we’ll have to wait and see, but here’s the trailer for that one if you’re curious:

So what do you think? Which version of Snow White will you be paying $10 to see?

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  1. I saw the trailer too and I couldn’t stop thinking about when Julia Roberts became a bad actress….I think it started with Eat Pray Love?? She was awful in that too. What is this world coming to??

    November 20, 2011 at 9:23 PM

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