People say divorce might cost Katy Perry $40 million… I don’t buy it!

As you all know by now, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting divorced. Russell announced it on Friday before the holiday weekend. Some people said Russell blindsided Katy by filing, and she had no idea it was coming, etc etc…. insenuating this was going to get messy. Then it was reported that she asked him to file, because her parents are ultra-religious, don’t believe in divorce, and she thought it would help the situation if he were to file instead of her. So that’s good, right? Shows there’s some cooperationg between both sides because he’s doing her a favor, not blindsiding her.

Lots of whispers that there wasn’t a pre-nup and he’s going to take her for million. I do believe there was no pre-nup. They seemed like they wanted to be untraditional Hollywood. Katy is a traditional girl, as far as her values go. She was raised in the same type of home I was, preacher parents. Even though she doesn’t practice religion strictly, I think she values marriage and what it represents and doesn’t want to intentionally “cheapen” it by getting a pre-nup thinking, “My marriage is going to last forever, I’m not going to insult him by wanting a pre-nup!”

Here’s the thing though…….even without a pre-nup, I do NOT see this getting ugly. Russell will not try to make money off it. He won’t seek spousal support. He won’t try to get half her money. He’s not that kind of guy. It’s everything his career isn’t. He’s always been a womanizer, he’s successful, he’s aloof, he’s funny, he makes fun of celebrities that fall into cliches…. how much more of a contradiction is it for him to get married to chick, divorce her soon after, and take half the money in a messy divorce? He doesn’t want to be seen that way.

And even if you ignore the fact that it would be hypocritical, everything I’m reading makes it seem as though they really did love each other, there was no cheating, they just didn’t get along and argued too much. They worked on it and agreed they weren’t meant to be. Basically, Katy pulled a Kim Kardashian, but she stuck it out for 6-8 months after their honeymoon phase ended…trying to make it work. Instead of just immediately filing for divorce like Kim did.

I don’t think they want it to get ugly, because it’s not ugly right now. Why would they make it worse? They still care for each other….that won’t happen. At least I’m going to keep telling myself it won’t happen!

What do you think? Is it going to get ugly?

Photo via The Daily Mail

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