Things girls do on the internet…. this is 100% me.

My friend Morgan just sent this to me and was like “Bethany, I feel like you’ll like this” and yes, yes I like it. Please send me things you think I’ll like. It makes my job easier. With that said….

That is 99% me while I’m on the internet. Except when I see a butt I’m jealous of, I google “How to get _________’s butt” instead of writing my butt a note. I also don’t subscribe to lesbian websites, or obsess over tumblr. I don’t even have a tumblr. And I stalk people WAY more on Facebook. Like, out of that 2 minutes, 1 minute and 55 seconds should’ve been stalking people on Facebook, and then she could squeeze the rest of it into the last 5 seconds. And that would be accurate.

“I acceppptttttttt so I can stalk your pictures!” – me

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