Prince William and Duchess Kate add a member to the royal family…. a Cocker Spaniel puppy!

d’awwwwwww! The rumors of late have been that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins…. but the first addition to their family is an adorable one-month-old Cocker Spaniel. SO CUTE. Here are some pictures of them walking on the beach, being uncharacteristically affectionate towards one another, probably because they knew this crap would end up on every website, including my own.

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US Magazine says the couple got the puppy from one of Carole Middleton’s friends. (Carole is Kate’s mom for those of you that don’t obsessively follow this crap like I do.) They weren’t 100% ready to commit, so they took the puppy home for a little bit of time to see how they’d handle it (like any responsible adult should) and they fell in love with it, as we all do.  So they kept it. And now I’m blogging about it, because I have no life.

The puppy’s name has not been released, but I’m sure rumors will start………. what do you think they should name it? I hope it’s not a people name. I HATE NOTHING MORE THAN WHEN PEOPLE GIVE THEIR PETS A PEOPLE NAME. I know someone who named their dog Jane. Like….WHAT? Stop that. Stop it now.

That dog, that I will call Marie Antoinette when referenced from henceforth, will probably live a better life than any of us can dream, and for that…. I am very sad. But I’m happy to see they, A) didn’t buy Marie Antoinette from a pet store, B) took the decision seriously, and C) got a black dog… because black dogs are not adopted as often as other dogs and are put down the most at shelters… *sad face*

Unlike everyone buying an engagement ring exactly like Kate’s, this is a trend I can get behind! Everyone go adopt a black dog or cat from the shelter… better yet, an ADULT dog or cat, because they need homes! But make sure you can give them a good home before you do it.

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