You might be wondering, “Who is Lana Dey Rey and why is Kristen Wiig impersonating her?” Here’s your answer…

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is the best Kristen Wiig I’ve ever seen. Ever. Acting, impersonating, sketch comedy, all across the board. It’s awesome, and you probably don’t know what’s happening yet, so I’ll catch you up to speed….

Once known by her real name Lizzy Grant, Lana Del Ray is a singer songwriter who has recently relaunched her career under a new name (and sound, and look) because her record label inexplicably thought that would help along.

While she may sound like a Czechoslovakian trying to sing in English, she is in fact American, which adds substantially to the public perception that she tries really, really hard.  Her record label has been pushing her new album as the next big thing, and somehow managed to get her onto SNL as the musical guest. She bombed, hard core, and here’s the video that people have been making fun of for a few weeks:

Knowing what the actual performance looked like, please watch this and enjoy the spot-fucking-on impersonation by Kristen Wiig from last night:

AMAZING, right? The hair. The voice. The dress. The lips. The overall “I’m a robot and have no soul” vibe? It’s perfection. I love me some Kristen Wiig, but I’m pretty sure Kristen Del Rey is my new favorite.

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