THE VOW movie review! Short version: Channing Tatum gets naked, GO SEE IT.

On Wednesday night I had the privilege of seeing The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and (READY FOR A BIG SHOCKER?) Rachel McAdams, the queen of OMG I CAN’T STOP CRYING romance films.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s time to watch it right up there! ^

I definitely think it’s worth your $10 to see. I laughed, I cried, I sniffled, I had lots to say afterward. Did you know this is based on a true story? I didn’t know that until the credits were rolling and they did a little “where are they now?” update. I Googled the true story, and the movie is very loosely based on it…. as in… the only thing true about the movie is that a newlywed couple got in a car accident and she lost her memory of her husband. But everything else? The boy drama, the family drama, etc?….that’s all fiction. But still… good movie!

Channing Tatum’s acting has improved a LOT. He is no longer just a pretty face with the acting abilities of a caveman. He didn’t drool once during the entire movie (but, full disclosure, I did a little bit)! He’s just as beautiful as ever, and actually has a NUDE SCENE (woooo!) where you see his Adonis butt cheeks. I felt like his character was much more likeable than Rachel McAdams’ character who…. well….

I kind of hated Rachel McAdams in this. WHICH IS CRAZY, because I love her. But like…. I’m really tired of seeing her in the same role over, and over, and over again. It’s not fault of the films… and if that type of thing won’t bother you, then ignore what I have to say about this. But she plays Rachel McAdams in EVERY movie. The same charming, likable, sweet, funny character. She had moments in this film of deviating from that…. moments where I actually thought her character was a huge brat. So that was a nice change of pace. But otherwise, I just feel like I’m watching The Notebook, or The Time Traveler’s Wife. STOP PLAYING THE SAME CHARACTER. Go back to being Regina George. I like her better!

The supporting cast wasn’t very memorable, I think they blew their budget on McAdams and Tatum, so they hired a bunch of faces you won’t recognize, and I doubt you’ll see again. There wasn’t much chemistry between her supposed “best friends” and her, but whatever… the movie was all about the couple, and I get that. So all in all, I’m OK with the casting. Channing and Rachel had great chemistry, I thoguht the script was good, and there was plenty of butt cheeks to go around!

All in all, go see it. If you love Rachel or if you love Channing, or hell…if you love both of them…. you’ll love The Vow.

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