Whitney Houston is dead at age 48. Out partying 2 nights ago

Whitney Houston, the Grammy and Emmy award winning recording artist, was found dead today, as confirmed by her publicist. The cause of death, location, and basically all details surrounding her death have yet to be confirmed.

I’m guessing this is alcohol or drug related since I unfortunately saw photos (here) from Radar Online showing her leaving a club wasted two days ago. I knew she had relapsed with her drug and alcohol problem, but I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad. It’s a shame she doesn’t have people around her that won’t enable her.

She was supposedly being considered as a judge on X-Factor since Fox was looking for A-list, successful recording artists. That really could’ve been a turning point for her. So much for that.

DON’T DO DRUGS, ladies and gentleman. And don’t marry Bobby Brown. Here are the rest of the photos from February 9, 2012 where she was leaving a club wasted, following a charity performance:

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Before Google News is overrun by stories about her dying, I’ve snatched a few of highlights showing what she’s been doing the last few days…

  • Article from a small blog (so who knows how credible) saying her and Ray J (yes, the Kim Kardashian sex tape Ray J) were seen having dinner. They dated in the past (truly bizarre)…. I hope he wasn’t involved with this somehow, partying with her or something…. Story here.
  • Whitney was approached “officially” to become an X-Factor judge, after Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were both let go. Story here
  • Earlier in the evening she was at an event hosted by Kelly Price, to raise money for a charity. She sang “Jesus Loves Me” … video below
  • Obviously… the above mentioned Radar Online post showing her leaving the club, later in the evening, wasted… story here.

Although Whitney was known for her singing abilities, her reality show was pretty epic, and I will always appreciate her for giving one of the best sound bites of all time. I frequently send people JUST this link in a text message when I feel it’s appropriate:

(here’s the longer version)

UPDATE: She was found in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton unresponsive. And there’s more truth to that Ray J rumor than I thought…. TMZ actually photographed them out the other night here. I wonder if he was the one that found her?

via ABC News

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  1. Wat really caused her death

    February 12, 2012 at 11:57 AM

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