What do YOU think? Did they alter Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover too much?

As anticipated, Kate Upton landed the cover of the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This news was supposed to be unveiled tonight on the The Late Show, with a billboard and everything. But they sent a shipment of the magazines too early to a gas station in Michigan, and you know those crazy yoopers, ruining everything…. so they posted pictures online. Oh well, news doesn’t travel that fast and I’m sure the majority of people watching the show will be seeing it for the first time.

So what do you think? Like it? Yeah. She’s super hot. But here’s my beef with it. Yeah, she looks great on the cover but like… SHE’S NOT THAT SKINNY IN REAL LIFE. At all. They either Photoshopped her to hell, or just made her pose very, very strategically…. with the hand on the hip and the angle. I dunno. But Kate is super, super curvy. Like, real curves. She probably weighs a good 15-20 lbs more than most of the models that make the covers normally.

For example, here is a photo of her in a runway show just a few days ago:

And for good measure here’s a photoshopped magazine picture of her in Esquire, but she still looks much more natural:

See what I mean? There’s a HUGE difference between the cover and her in real life. She doesn’t have cut abs like she does in that picture. Her boobs are way bigger in real life. She doesn’t have as small of a waist…. they’re not little differences. They’re big differences. They totally changed her body.

What’s great about Kate is that she’s not really plus size, but she’s also not thin like most models. She’s just…. healthy and…. I dunno…has boobs. That’s why I think it’s great she made the cover. But they they go and choose a picture, or alter a picture, to make her look like every other woman that’s appeared on the cover before. Why not just choose someone that looks like that naturally instead of having to alter her into looking that way? I dunno.

What do you think? Does she look better in the cover or does she look better on the runway?

Photos via Esquire and Daily Mail

3 responses

  1. lisa

    Although I agree that mags shouldn’t photoshop naturally beautiful women like her to a cartoonish degree on their covers, if I were here – I wouldn’t want an unflattering picture like the one above (with the side rolls) plastered on a popular national magazine cover.
    Honestly I find the side boob hangin out in worse taste!

    February 13, 2012 at 6:53 PM

  2. Definitely photo shopped. She has no real waist, but on the cover, she does. Also, in the runway shots, she has a little scar on her lower abdomen that is not there on the cover. I’m with you, I prefer her unedited.

    February 13, 2012 at 6:53 PM

  3. I try not to think about things like photoshop or what they did to her pic. I only think about how I too can add to the small bruises around her lady area in that runway pic. Since the owner of this blog is almost as hot as her, maybe she should pose like this and we can compare.

    February 13, 2012 at 7:05 PM

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