Crazy ass gymnast monkey tries to get into a bro fight at the zoo with a tall dude

According to YouTuber NRucker5, he was told by a manager at the Memphis Zoo’s cafe that the alpha male monkey in a nearby enclosure felt threatened by him because he’s a tall male, and suggested he go stand with his back to the Plexiglas to provoke an “attack.”

HAHAHAHAHA HOLY CRAP I was not expecting that. That monkey is a bad ass, and makes me feel like every human, even the best of athletes, is totally inferior.

At what point in the evolutionary process did it become beneficial for us to lose the ability to swing around and launch ourselves at our enemies? If I could do that I would totally launch myself at everyone, all the time, and then eat their faces off. Just kidding that’s gross, but I’d launch myself at people for sure.

via The Daily What

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