Lindsay Lohan looks like a grandma.

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Lindsay Lohan had her day in court today. She looks like she’s 56 years old. Her poor, poor face. Drugs and alcohol and smoking have not treated her well. Some people can actually handle it relatively well considering what their body is going through…. take Kate Moss for instance. She’s been doing the good stuff for years and is still a supermodel, and her skin at 38 looks better than Lindsay’s looks at 25. That’s really sad. And Lindsay has access to the best doctors and spas and products because A) she gets half of it for free and B) she’s been rich her entire life. So there’s really no reason her face should look bad, even WITH the alcohol and drugs. SHE HAS NO EXCUSES FOR LOOKING LIKE A GRANDMA.

OK, so I’m done ranting about her face…. let’s talk about the court hearing. She got a big gold star for doing everything right, including her probation and therapy, which is….. actuallly…. shocking. I did not think that would happen. She never ever ever has good news at court. So…. good for her I guess. But anyway, she has until March 29 to not f*ck everything up, and if she can handle that, she’ll be free to stage paparazzi photoshoots at nightclubs until her little heart bursts!

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