I don’t know how you made that baby fly, but it’s pretty neat anyway.

Photographer/mom Rachel Hulin created a project called The Flying Series starring her son, Henry, flying. She won’t give much information about how she has created the photos… but she will say at least this much… she doesn’t throw him in the air!:

I never throw him, and I never move him into a place in the frame that he wasn’t in to begin with. I like Henry to fly the way he feels like it, I never pose him in a specific way. Sometimes he’s graceful and sometimes he’s a little hunchback. I think telling you more would ruin it.

Well, that’s reassuring. I am curious how she did it, but honestly I think not knowing will allow me to enjoy it more. It’s just like when you really want to know how a magician did his trick, and then when you find out, you’re like… wtf! This isn’t cool anymore! So I’m afraid if Rachel reveals her secret, the flying babby won’t be all that sweet anymore.

Ah, who am I kidding. It’s freaking adorable and will be cute no matter what!

via Petapixel

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