This is one of my favorite Mad Men scenes ever. So hawkward.

MAD MEN SEASON 5 PREMIER WAS AMAAAAZING. I am happy to say Don and Megan are still together. They’re married now (I’m a little sad they didn’t show the wedding on film… I wanted to see how Betty handled that).

This week Megan performed Zou Bisou Bisou for Don at his surprise birthday party. It’s charming, and courageous, and oh so awkward. I could never, ever, do that. But good for her. His face at the first moment she starting singing is PRICELESS. It’s like, “WTF. Well, I guess this is OK because you’re incredibly hot.”

Who else is with me that Megan might be the first girl to break Don’s heart? He’s finally met his match…. which means shit will go down, I’m sure! Maybe she’ll cheat on him, or leave him or something. We’ll have to see, the writers of this show always surprise me!

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