My 2013 New Years’ Resolution(s)

What up, internet.

I never hang out with you anymore! Unless I’m on my phone, which is a sad and pitiful version of the internet. I miss you, a lot. Mostly the animated GIFs, and occasionally all those crazy short girls that comment on this one particular blog of mine relentlessly. You guys should stop doing that, you know.

So I came back for a visit for two reasons. First because I miss you (we’ve covered this), but secondly because I want to publicly proclaim my New Years’ Resolutions for the year 2013. I know myself pretty well, and one thing I’ve learned about myself is that if I tell people I’m going to do something, I’m much more likely to actually do it. When I feel like quitting, I’m like, “Man, all those people know I’m supposed to do this, and if I don’t, they’ll realize I suck.”

So here we go, keep me accountable:

1) Hit 5,000,000 views by the end of the year. And to accomplish that, I obviously need to blog more. So….. that’s right up there with the views goal. I did some Christmas decorating, so hopefully that’s an incentive to blog at LEAST in January, because no one wants to be that tacky person that keeps everything decorated with Christmas stuff long after December 25.

2) Run a marathon. After I ran my half-marathon in May, I told people, “Even if I could I wouldn’t run a marathon, that’s not even good for your body!”  but truth is I wanted to run a full marathon, I just didn’t think I could. So obviously now I have to run a marathon. I plan on doing the Cap City Half-Marathon in May again, but my goal is to run a full 26.2 mile marathon in fall of 2013. Probably a really, really slow marathon, but a marathon nonetheless.

3) Go rock climbing with Kelsie this summer. I’m hella afraid of heights, and I’m not what most would call an “outdoorsy” person (although I did once pee in the woods while camping…. you can call be Bear Grylls!). I’d also like to surf (which goes hand in hand with rock climbing, because SHAAAAAARRKKKK!!!!!!!).

4) Celebrate my 25th birthday in style. I’m a homebody and I never go out to bars because I don’t drink. I really want to have fun for my birthday this year. So… Vegas, maybe? Big ‘ol party, maybe? I’m not sure, all I know is I’m going to wear something sparkly, and keep it classy. In my head I’ll look like the girl on the left. But in reality, I’ll probably look something like the girl on the right. And I think I’m OK with that….

5) Curse less. Somehow not only my parents read this, but a bunch of their friends (some of whom I don’t even know) read this. Part of my humor is cursing, which my dad says is cheap. And he thinks I’m funny enough not to have to cuss to get people to laugh. I, however, am not as confident. But I’m going to try, because embarrassing my parents is something I was hoping I’d stop doing after I grew out of my side-pony phase.

OK, so that’s that. Everyone keep me accountable.

2 responses

  1. Kevin

    Pft! to the girl on the left. She’s too skinny and has worry lines around her eyes from stressing about her weight and about fitting into that size zero dress. You’ve got a big happy family, friends, and you’re always smiling. I think you’ve got it much better than Left Girl.

    November 27, 2012 at 8:13 PM

  2. You’re back! :) I think these are some great resolutions. I feel the same way about a full marathon. I think I may secretly train for one and see how it goes. If I feel good about it, I may sign up for the full marathon instead of the half next fall! Good luck with you’re training. Remember how far we both came last year?! :)

    November 28, 2012 at 5:46 AM

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