I think you should listen to this song.

Today I was on Spotify, and noticed that the sidebar (the sidebar that enables stalking by showing me what all my Facebook friends are listening to) said my ex-boyfriend published a Christmas playlist. Of course my snooping didn’t stop there, so I clicked it, and hilariously it was an entire playlist of the same. exact. song. by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, called Thrift Shop. And randomly, Michael Bolton. Proof:

Ex boyfriends crappy playlist

I figured if the song was good enough to have an entire playlist, it was worth listening to. Am I really behind on this? Is this song already a thing? If it’s already a thing, I apologize for my delayed reaction, I’m a little socially withdrawn. But if it’s not a thing yet, please listen to it so you’re up to date on what us cool kids are listening to.

Anyway, that’s not even what this post is about. It’s just where I heard Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for the first time. I clicked around and found a song called, “Same Love” which is a little gem. It struck me as a very powerful song, and it’s really pretty. So I thought I’d share it, maybe you’ll enjoy it too, even if you don’t agree with the message.

The song starts about 40 seconds in after all the piano diddles.

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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