’bout Bethany

So…. hi! I’m Bethany. I decided I should probably make a little section about me since the website is BlahBethany.

I’m a twenty-something student that works full-time. I don’t have a lot of time to gossip with my friends about celebrities, and NO ONE I know loves the internet and reality TV as much as me, so I blog about it as an outlet. IF I KEEP IT INSIDE IT MAKES ME CRAY-CRAY! I must share this with you.

I will blog about anything I find amusing, but mainly my posts are about 3 things:

1) Celebrities. I LOVE CELEBRITY GOSSIP. I can’t get enough of it. Truly, if I could do anything for a living, I’d work for TMZ. Well, that’s not true. TMZ isn’t mean enough. I’d probably work for Perez Hilton as an intern or something.

2) Jersey Shore. As you know I LOVE Jersey Shore, so much that I dressed up as Snooki for Halloween (pictured left for photographic evidence).

3) Cute animals. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE CUTE ANIMALS? I like videos of them, pictures of them, animated GIFs of them…. anything involving a cute animal.

I love getting feedback about the site. On my sidebar there’s an option to email me if you ever have tips, suggestions of topics to blog about, pictures you think are funny, or just to say hi. I interact with everyone on Facebook a lot too, so make sure you *like* my page on Facebook!


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