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Grumpy Cat is les miserable.

Les Miserable grumpy cat

Speaking of Le Mis…. did anyone see it over the holidays? I really wanted to, but no one would see it would me. wah.

Raising your pet into the sky like Simba = Lion King-ing….. this is way better than Tebowing.

OK, so there’s Tebowing, planking, owling….. and now LION KINGing. This is……..amazing. I’m pretty sure anyone with a cat/child/small dog has already done this before. There’s just a name for it now. You don’t have to feel so weird!

Lion kinging is raising your ____ (baby, cat, dog, hamster) into the sky like Rafiki did to Simba in “The Lion King.” And if you’re all, “Oh, I’ve done that before, but I didn’t sing the song….” SHUT UP. Don’t lie. Everyone who has seen Lion King enough times to try Lion King-ing their pet knows that f*cking song by heart. DON’T LIE. Sure, there aren’t words…. but we know the noises. AHHHH SAY HENYAAAA BABA BEE SE BABAAAAA, SAY HENYYAAAAAA…. HUMMMMMMMM

(hoarders alert at :43!!)

Unfortunately I can’t participate in this awesome new phenomenon because have two 60+ lb Golden Retrievers who are fat and I’m not ripped like Rafiki and it would hurt my arms to lift them above my head like that. Maybe I’ll steal someone’s cat a make a video with theirs and pretend like it’s mine.

A lot of you probably don’t appreciate the Homeschool Harold meme as much as I do….

So, I was homeschooled until 6th grade. So a lot of you probably don’t appreciate the homeschool Harold meme as much as I do…. but seriously, this is awesome. And surprisingly accurate:

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Jenelle’s Mom Meme is my new favorite.

I made mine… make your own here!

Teen Mom 2 joke… YOU PROBABLY WON’T GET IT, BUT IT’S FUNNY. Trust me.

I want to be just like Liz Lemon when I grow up.

Someone took Elijah Wood’s face and photoshopped it to look like Brian Peppers

Someone photoshopped Elijah Woods face, and all I see when I look at it is Brian Peppers.

And if you don’t know who Brian Peppers is, BEFORE YOU CLICK HERE, please know that he’s a crazy looking midget with some disease that makes his face really scary. So, yeah. Be warned. You’ll have nightmares.