Ugly Eyebrow Alert


Ugly eyebrow alert

Ugly eyebrow alert: Julianne Hough? You know better.

Julianne Hough?…. You know better than to paint on some chola eyebrows.What would Ryan Seacrest say if he saw those?

UGLY EYEBROW ALERT: There’s a name for them, “Scouse Brows”!!!!!

scouse brows before and after

I just stumbled upon one of my favorite YouTube guru’s makeup tutorial (for lack of a better word) regarding “scouse brows” which is apparently what the Brits call chola eyebrows.

He breaks down the steps reaaaaaal simple for those of us with reading comprehension issues:

Take your normal eyebrow… now PLUCK THE LIFE OUT OF THEM.

Once they are nearly all gone – THEN PAINT THEM BACK IN HUGE! AND BLACK!

Did i mention BLACK? I mean CARBON BLACK! No, Carbon, Carbon PIGMENT BLACK!

lol Voila! Scouse brows!

The full tutorial is below, but for more ugly eyebrows, be sure to check out my ugly eyebrow history on Blahbethany.

Fierce Eyebrow Alert…..Shawshank Redemption edition.


Two Chicago inmates, Kenneth Conley and Jose Banks, escaped jail by repelling TWENTY STORIES down a downtown Metropolitan Correctional Center using a makeshift rope and harness. They then escaped via taxi, and their trail has gone cold.

Investigators later found a broken window in the men’s cell, where window bars were found inside a mattress, according to an FBI affidavit. Fake metal bars also were found in the men’s cell, a rope was tied to a window bar, and each man’s bed was stuffed with clothing and sheets to resemble a body, the affidavit said.

It appeared to illustrate a meticulously planned escape — which came a week after Banks made a courtroom vow of retribution. Both men are facing hefty prison sentences, and the FBI said they should be considered armed and dangerous.

via Fox News

This is some wanna-be Shawshank Redemption plan. How much you want to bet they’re in Mexico on the beach enjoying all their cash together? The only difference is Jose Banks has WAY better eyebrows than Morgan Freeman. I never knew that waxing and tweezing services are available in jail. Maybe that’s why Chicago is always in a fiscal crisis.


Banks and his fierce eyebrows are my new favorite:

Banks, known as the Second-Hand Bandit because he wore used clothes during his heists, was convicted last week of robbing two banks and attempting to rob two others. Authorities say he stole almost $600,000, and most of that still is missing.

During trial, he had to be restrained because he threatened to walk out of the courtroom. He acted as his own attorney and verbally sparred with the prosecutor, at times arguing that that U.S. law didn’t apply to him because he was a sovereign citizen of a group that was above state and federal law.

YOU GO GIRL. You and your eyebrows.

Ugly Eyebrow Alert…. Anthony Davis from Kentucky!

Ugly eyebrow alert….Jersey Shore edition!

The F*CK did Deena do to her face? I know she’s admitted to having a nose job once before… but to me it looks like she got another one. It also looks like she’s lost a little bit of weight, and TOTALLY MESSED UP HER EYRBROWS. Those are some bad semi-eyebrows. THey’re just….semi-circles. No arch…. no difference in thickness or width… just… a big, awful semi-circle eyebrow. *sigh*

My new favorite website for Ugly Eyebrow ammo…. CHOLAFIED!

OMG. This website is the best thing ever. Go visit …. unfortunately they don’t have a generator where you can submit your own photos, but I’m praying that it’s the next step in the website’s evolution, because I’d totally make that shit my profile picture on Facebook.

And for the record? I would STILL sleep with Ryan Gosling, chola eyebrows and all.

How to NOT have fug eyebrows

It’s very simple. Line up with your pupils, edge of your nose, etc….. this is a pretty fool-proof way to have good brows. THANKS, LAUREN CONRAD.