Videos I inexplicably enjoy

This is one of the best drive-thru freakouts I’ve ever seen, and makes me proud to be an Ohioan. (NSFW language)

“DON’T MAKE ME ASSUME MY ULTIMATE FORM!!” is what I’m going to start saying to everyone in every situation.

UGLY EYEBROW ALERT: There’s a name for them, “Scouse Brows”!!!!!

scouse brows before and after

I just stumbled upon one of my favorite YouTube guru’s makeup tutorial (for lack of a better word) regarding “scouse brows” which is apparently what the Brits call chola eyebrows.

He breaks down the steps reaaaaaal simple for those of us with reading comprehension issues:

Take your normal eyebrow… now PLUCK THE LIFE OUT OF THEM.

Once they are nearly all gone – THEN PAINT THEM BACK IN HUGE! AND BLACK!

Did i mention BLACK? I mean CARBON BLACK! No, Carbon, Carbon PIGMENT BLACK!

lol Voila! Scouse brows!

The full tutorial is below, but for more ugly eyebrows, be sure to check out my ugly eyebrow history on Blahbethany.

I came out of my unofficial blog retirement to post this cray little girl dancing

This video is appropriately titled, “WERK” because girl can werk it. I’m confident she was a drag queen in a former life due to her being fierce as a hell.

This girl is TEN YEARS OLD and crazy. I stalked her a little on YouTube and she does all kinds of dances, not all of them are borderline hoochie and highly inappropriate for 10 year olds.

Her dance move at 1:55 reminded me of the fork in the garbage disposal dance, hahahaha. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see below (NSFW):

This will forever be one of my favorite videos on the internet.

This is the best GIF on the entire internet. Forever. There will never be a better one. Ever.

Jack Nicholson is creepy but cute gif jennifer lawrence oscars

In all of it’s live glory:

My man is back :)

As if Allison Williams couldn’t get any hotter….

As if Allison Williams couldn’t get any hotter….she goes and does this*.


*3 years ago, but still.

**Apparently this video made Judd Apatow want to cast her in the role of Marnie on Girls.