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Remember the 51 year old actor that married the 16 year old? Here’s their interview.

If you’re not familiar with the story, please meet actor Doug Hutchinson who was recently in the news for marrying a 16 year old he met on the internet. They sat down for an interview to clear things up, and are apparently shopping around a reality show. Sadly, I will probably watch it.

If you can’t make it through the interview (I don’t blame you, it’s tough), please at least skip to 4:44 and watch her bizarre facial expression. There isn’t much going on inside her head, is there?.

That’s all I got. “WTF.” Why is she doing that with her face? Why is she talking in that weird voice? Whyyyyyyy? WHY WHY WHY? Will we ever know? Will we ever know why her hair is doing that weird thing where her part is? Will we ever know why her eyebrows look like that? Will we ever know who told her your lips are supposed to be lighter than your skin?

Maybe she’s a robot and had a short circuit.

Rebecca Black interview addressing all the cyberbullying that I have willfully contributed to.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rebecca sat down with some random women from ABC and talked about her sudden rise to fame and all the hater comments. She thinks she’s being cyberbullied, and I’m pretty confident I contributed to that.

LOL at 2:58, her mom saying, “In all honest I probably could’ve killed a few people” …. hopefully the people you kill are the producers of the song. Because they deserve it.

She sings a few bars of the national anthem and sounds OK doing it, but I bet it would sound better with some autotune adjustment, featuring T-Pain.