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How does the piano keep playing after Justin Bieber stands up? It’s magic.

Or maybe he wasn’t playing it.

Taylor Swift does not look good with her hair straightened. But she DOES look good with a wig on!

Everyone is all, “OMG her hair is so cute straightened!!”

THAT’S A WIG, YA’LL. How can you not see that? I’m the worst wig-spotter, too… so you should be ashamed!

I’m such a bad wig spotter I didn’t even know Kim Zolciak had a wig on Real Housewives of Atlanta until she admitted it.

I also can never spot toupees on men. BUT I CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT IS A WIG. Look at the scalp. Also, she always curls her hair. Bangs don’t curl well. And she never wears her bangs straight, always curly. That means… WIG.