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This is why I hate beards on men. They have ruined my John. MY JOHN.

This is my future husband, John Mayer, being photographed by paparazzi. His hair is long, and he has a beard. And for some reason, it makes him look a little overweight. I don’t get it. He looks terrible with a beard. 99% of men LOOK WORSE WITH A BEARD. Don’t grow one. You look better. I swear to God, it’s not covering up your double chin, or making your jaw line look more defined. It just makes you look worse. STOP DOING IT! For me. OK?

This is what he looks like when he’s clean shaven and has his hair cut:

Today’s video of creepy things happening on the subway: an old man brushing his beard with a fork

Here at we (oh who am I kidding… there’s no we. This is a one woman show) really love people doing crazy shit on the subway. So here’s a disgusting video of an old man brushing his overgrown beard with a plastic fork.

For more fun videos, check out this naked guy on the subwya, or this crazy woman who really likes her spaghetti. Or possibly this stripper flash mob that’s super fab. Take your pick.

This beard has a door

Man, the beard and mustache championships seem pretty cool, I now want some tickets.

Meet Gary Weddle, the man who promised TEN YEARS AGO that he wouldn’t shave his beard until Bin Laden was killed

Meet Gary Weddle, the man who promised almost TEN YEARS AGO that he wouldn’t shave his beard until Bin Laden was killed. Sunday night was the BEST. NIGHT. EVAR. for him and his family.

On September 11, 2001, Weddle was a substitute teacher. He spent so much time that week engrossed in the news, he forgot to shave. He vowed then and there that he wouldn’t shave until Bin Laden was captured or killed, figuring it would be 2-3 months. Try almost TEN YEARS later, and he actually grew his beard the whole time.

Sunday Night was pretty spectacular, and he didn’t even wait to hear Obama confirm it. He grabbed his wife’s Venus Razor (YEAH I NOTICED IT.) and shaved it all off, taking at least 10 years off his look.

GOOD FOR YOU, BOO BOO. Way to stick to your vow, and look like a homeless dude. I’m proud of you.


I don’t care what you say, John Mayer wants to be Johnny Depp.

Hairless cat + beard loving = cute

If I was a guy I would buy this hat.