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Once upon a time this King had a pet lion and it died.

Oh man, as you know I read a lot of news. I stumbled upon this story today and couldn’t stop cracking up at it. So I shall tell you the story.

Once upon a time (in 1731) King Frederick I of Sweden had a pet lion. The lion died :( After it died, Kind Frederick had the fur and bones of the animal sent to a taxidermist to preserve for alllllll time. Problem is the taxidermist had never seen a lion. Seems like mistake #1, no? You should probably hire a taxidermist who has seen the animal you’re about to preserve forever. I guess that was before Google existed, so it’s not like the guy could just look it up.

The taxidermist did what he could, and here’s the result. Amazing, right? It looks like that dog from Up!

It also looks like they used a piece of steak for the tongue. It’s a very strange shaped tongue… right? The eyes are also a little wonky. Kind of like Paris Hilton. The taxidermy Lion is now on display at Gripsholm’s Castle for all to enjoy.

If you can’t travel to see if, the good news is you can enjoy Lion photos on Facebook! Join his fan group. A bunch of people have posted photoshops on the wall, and here are a few of my favorites:

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