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Ugly eyebrow alert

Ugly eyebrow alert: Julianne Hough? You know better.

Julianne Hough?…. You know better than to paint on some chola eyebrows.What would Ryan Seacrest say if he saw those?

UGLY EYEBROW ALERT: tranny tutorial

If this person has any true friends, they will intervene and tell her eyebrows are not meant to be drawn on your face with STENCILS AND EYESHADOW! You grow hair there for a reason, y’all!

UGLY EYEBROW ALERT! This time it’s a neuroscientist. That’s a new one.

David Jentsch is a neuroscientist doing experiments on animals. Some animal rights activists got pissed and sent him razor blades (supposedly) infected with HIV, like the psychopaths that they are. BECAUSE ANIMALS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMANS.

Anyway, obbbbvviously before calling the cops, David used the razor blade on his eyebrows because they are super fresh and well groomed. They look very chola-esq.

Daily Mail

Ugly CHOLA Eyebrow Alert!

Would you still be my friend if I had Sharpie eyebrows?

No but seriously, Whatever tattoo artist, or marker manufacturer did this to this POOR WOMAN’S FACE should be put in jail. Really. That is just… wow. Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Really though, I was being serious, would you still be my friend if I had Sharpie eyebrows?

P.S. I think I’m going to make this a regular feature on Supposedly Sane. Ugly Eyebrow Alerts.

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