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Carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.

What won’t the Kardashians endorse? Let’s see… they have a weight loss supplement, candy, clothing, perfume, television shows, wedding photos, and Khloe even said she considered endorsing an official Kardashian vibrator until her husband said it was out of the question. My guess is there’s nothing they won’t endorse, especially since they’re now hawking a credit card. Yeah, you heard me. The Kardashians just introduced the The Kardashian Kard.

And of course, just like with their weight-loss product, this card doesn’t do much for you. If anything, it’s worse for you since it has a few hidden fees. And when I say “a few” I actually mean “a shiat-ton.” Here are a few…

Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 6 months) $59.95
Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 12 months) $99.95
Monthly Fee (Applies after initial purchase period) $7.95
Card Replacement – Primary or Companion $9.95
ATM Withdrawal – Domestic $1.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – Domestic $1.00
ATM Withdrawal – International $2.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – International $2.00
Point of Sale – Decline -Domestic $1.00
Point of Sale – Decline – International $1.00
External Checking or Savings Transfer (To/From) $1.00
Account to Account Transfer * $1.00
Retail Load Fee (MoneyGram) $1.00
Load Account by Debit/Credit Card ** $1.00
Cancel Account – Request Balance Mailed by Check $6.00
Service Center Care-Live operator $1.50
Bill Pay – Per Item $2.00
Replacement Card Expedite Fee (Overnight) $25.00
* Fee for transferring money from external accounts and to other cardholder accounts
** 2.5% surcharge of transaction amount applies

Sounds like carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.