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Kris Humphries wants an annulment. TEAM HUMPHRIES.

I know I JUST wrote a post about the Kardashians, and this might be Kardashian overload, but I wanted to talk about the whole Kim Kris divorce fiasco, and there wasn’t much room in that post to talk about it. So here we go. After this, I promise I’ll cool it.

Quick education session on the difference between an annulment and a divorce. Divorce is saying, “OK, this marriage was legit, but it didn’t work out and we want to end it.” The assets are fought over (unless there’s a pre-nup), etc. An annulment, however, is basically saying, “this was never a marriage to begin with, and we’d like you to undo it, and to have our financial situations be as similar to what they were when we went into the marriage.” So basically no one takes money from the other person. It’s just….undoing the marriage. But there needs to be a GOOD REASON for it, I’ll explain that later. But legally, you weren’t married. It’s something religious people that don’t believe in divorce do. Some religions say you literally CAN NOT divorce. But if you get married and find out your husband is gay 2 weeks later, what do you do? Stay married for 20 years to a gay dude? No… you get an annulment. And the church is OK with that.

Initially Kim filed for divorce because she didn’t think they met the criteria for an annulment. Under California law, someone can only annul a marriage if there’s proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, misrepresentation, force, or fraud. Basically, someone duped you. It wasn’t that there were problems in the marriage. There were problems you weren’t aware of BEFORE you got married. But you have to be able to prove that. Kim didn’t think they met any of those reasons, so she filed for divorce.

After filing, Kim got all the backlash because everyone thought she didn’t give her marriage a chance. She wrote a blog explaining her reasoning and said the wedding was like “a fast roller coaster. …I got caught up in the hoopla and the filming of the TV show.” She also said she had doubts before the wedding and shouldn’t have gone through with it. So…basically… that’s misrepresentation. Which is a reason to get an annulment. She didn’t want to marry him, but did it anyway because of a TV show.

Kris Humphries is now using that as ammo to get an annulment. He’s basically saying she used him as a pawn for her reality show. And it was real to him, but not to her. Which…. I agree with that 100%.

I actually thought when I first read her blog explaining why she left, ‘Holy crap, I can’t believe she just said that,” because it was so hurtful and I felt like even if she THOUGHT that, she shouldn’t admit it to people because it’s JUST SO MEAN.  Oh, you didn’t want to marry me, but you did anyway? Thanks for considering my feelings. Remember, this was Kris’ FIRST marriage. He’s a religious dude. He doesn’t believe in divorce…. it was really wrong of her to do that. It’s Kim’s SECOND marriage. And second divorce. Obviously it’s not as important to her. And she didn’t consider Kris’ feelings for a second when she wrote that blog.

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Kourtney and Kim take New York last night, and man…. that was dumb. I’m still waiting for Kris to do anything wrong. The tabloids (AKA the Kardashians planting stories) keep saying, “Ohhh he’s so terrible to her, you’ll see why she left him, blah blah blah, he called her fat.” HE DID NOT CALL HER FAT. He jokingly said she ate too much wedding cake when he was lifting her up and throwing her on the bed to kiss her while they were laughing and joking around with each other. Yeah, he was totally calling her fat. (It was actually adorable.)

My mom is sooo into this story, it’s hilarious. She’s Team Humphries all the way. She was like, “If your dad came home to a naked man in our living room doing yoga………………………..” and didn’t have to say anything more. I think these girls forget that there’s more to life than creating a funny 20 minutes that will be stretched into an episode of their show. Yes, it was funny. Yes, it was entertaining. But was is respectful to your new husband? No. Is it worth fighting with someone because you know it’ll make good TV? No.

It doesn’t surprise me that their marriage failed so quickly. They’ve never lived together. They’re supposed to be newlyweds. Newlyweds don’t live with another couple and a BABY. A crazy baby. A baby that wakes you up at 7 AM, playing outside your bedroom door. Like, seriously? No wonder it didn’t work. That was so, so rude.

I just feel really bad for Kris. No matter how the show portrays him, no matter how they edit him to look bad, I really feel for him. I hope he wins the annulment and people hold this AND the sex tape against Kim for the rest of her career. Now she’ll have two things people constantly bring up about her.

But, for the record, I still love Kourtney. And I still love Khloe. and I still love Bruce. I love their whole family, I just hate Kim. And of course I’ll still watch the shows. SUE ME.

Kourtney Kardashian announces pregnancy after 9 weeks because she’s “confident.” Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

We all know celebrities love to make big announcements about their pregnancies. But they always wait. Why? They love the speculation. They love the magazine covers. They love the rumors. (WHEN THEY”RE ACTUALLY PREGNANT. When you’re not pregnant and people think you’re pregnant…. yeah. Awkward).

Announcing it after the first trimester is always the rule. It’s very common to miscarry in your first trimester. No one wants to have to endure that at ALL, left alone through the media as well. Kourtney waited LAST time she got pregnant to announce it, so why’d she jump the gun this time? She told US Weekly:

“Now I’m nine weeks along,” Kardashian says. “You’re supposed to wait 12 weeks to tell people, but I feel confident.”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. This has nothing to do with the fact that your family is going through a PR crisis because of Kim’s divorce? It’s kind of sad to use a pregnancy as a distraction. Or for Kris Jenner to ask Kourtney to announce it early, no? I mean, I think Kris would’ve asked Kourtney to do that for “the family” or to help make the story go away. I don’t think she’d volunteer to do it. She’s always worrying about stuff. I think she’d also worry about miscarriage, who knows though.

What do you think? Do you think she was just so excited she had to tell people? Or do you think it’s strategic timing to distract everyone from their PR disaster?

SNL does a Kardashian Divorce Special skit, and it’s hilarious. BIBLE.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Did anyone else lose their shit when Kris Humphries signed the marriage certificate?

Also, Kristin Wiig is flawless. She should be Kris Jenner full time, hahaha.

Kim Kardashian used some of they money she got pimping out her wedding to buy a $325k Ferrari

Kim Kardashian made a buttload of cash pimping out her wedding to E!. Not only did the network pay for her wedding, they paid her on top of that for footage, she had endorsement deals from various venders to give gifts to her high profile guests, endorsements from Vera Wang, Rolls Royce to chauffeur her VIP guests, she sold the photos, video footage, interviews, etc. She probably made a good $5-10 million. Some outlets estimated her profiting as much at $15 million. The only people that know the real number are Kim, Kris (her husband), and Kris (her Momager).

In case you’re wondering, of COURSE Kim took all of that cash and wisely invested it into stocks, real estate, and cellulite treatment. JUST KIDDING! She bought a totally unnecessary $325k sports car. Why is it unnecessary? According to TMZ:

Earlier this year, Kim picked up a BALLER customized Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s unclear how much she paid for that ride, but they usually START at $255k.

Kim also has a “super-charged” $115k Range Rover in her garage – along with several other cars she likes to drive when she doesn’t feel like showing off.

The funny this is  she probably can’t even drive the car because it’s stick shift. Although, I take it back…. she’s shown that she’s good with a stick shift (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) so maybe she does know how to drive it.

While I understand Kim is super rich, she doesn’t have like…JENNIFER LOPEZ money. She doesn’t have “buy a $30 million dollar second home in the Hamptoms” money. I don’t think you should have that many expensive cars until you have J-Lo money. Kim doesn’t have J-Lo money. She also doesn’t have J-Lo staying power….which is more important here. Kim will NOT be this famous in 10 years. She’s 30 now. She will start to age soon. She won’t be the same sex icon she is now. Maybe her clothing lines will be doing well then (a la Jessica Simpson), but she’s not going to be tabloid fixture and a television star in 10 years. She will have had a baby by then, her body won’t recover (because seriously, she’s no Gisele), and the only time she’ll get mentioned in the press is when people speculate she had a tummy tuck or saying she NEEDS a tummy tuck.

So my advice to Kim is to start saving up that cash, buy a f*cking Toyota Prius, and stop buying everything in black and white because it’s boring and annoying. You paid like $100k for ALL WHITE FLOWERS AT YOUR WEDDING. Can you imagine how pretty it could’ve been if she used a little color? But no. Boring black and white. Blahhhhh. Why don’t people ask me before making stupid decisions? I will set you straight, ho. Come to me and I’ll teach you the ways of the world.

photo via and story via TMZ

Just sayin’……. even Khloe Kardashian’s silly band looks fat.

Kardashian’s Kristmas Kard Krisis


  • Kim looks SUPER DUPER tranny in these, as usual.
  • Khloe’s arm was photoshopped into a zombie malnurished twig, but she looks pretty.
  • Kendall, the one with grass sleeves, looks pretty as well.
  • Morticia Kylie looks like shit and belongs in the Adam’s Family.
  • Lamar Odom was either a victim of freak photoshop accident or he goes to Joan Rivers’ plastic surgeon.
  • d’awwww Mason is cute.

Carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.

What won’t the Kardashians endorse? Let’s see… they have a weight loss supplement, candy, clothing, perfume, television shows, wedding photos, and Khloe even said she considered endorsing an official Kardashian vibrator until her husband said it was out of the question. My guess is there’s nothing they won’t endorse, especially since they’re now hawking a credit card. Yeah, you heard me. The Kardashians just introduced the The Kardashian Kard.

And of course, just like with their weight-loss product, this card doesn’t do much for you. If anything, it’s worse for you since it has a few hidden fees. And when I say “a few” I actually mean “a shiat-ton.” Here are a few…

Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 6 months) $59.95
Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 12 months) $99.95
Monthly Fee (Applies after initial purchase period) $7.95
Card Replacement – Primary or Companion $9.95
ATM Withdrawal – Domestic $1.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – Domestic $1.00
ATM Withdrawal – International $2.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – International $2.00
Point of Sale – Decline -Domestic $1.00
Point of Sale – Decline – International $1.00
External Checking or Savings Transfer (To/From) $1.00
Account to Account Transfer * $1.00
Retail Load Fee (MoneyGram) $1.00
Load Account by Debit/Credit Card ** $1.00
Cancel Account – Request Balance Mailed by Check $6.00
Service Center Care-Live operator $1.50
Bill Pay – Per Item $2.00
Replacement Card Expedite Fee (Overnight) $25.00
* Fee for transferring money from external accounts and to other cardholder accounts
** 2.5% surcharge of transaction amount applies

Sounds like carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.