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Raising your pet into the sky like Simba = Lion King-ing….. this is way better than Tebowing.

OK, so there’s Tebowing, planking, owling….. and now LION KINGing. This is……..amazing. I’m pretty sure anyone with a cat/child/small dog has already done this before. There’s just a name for it now. You don’t have to feel so weird!

Lion kinging is raising your ____ (baby, cat, dog, hamster) into the sky like Rafiki did to Simba in “The Lion King.” And if you’re all, “Oh, I’ve done that before, but I didn’t sing the song….” SHUT UP. Don’t lie. Everyone who has seen Lion King enough times to try Lion King-ing their pet knows that f*cking song by heart. DON’T LIE. Sure, there aren’t words…. but we know the noises. AHHHH SAY HENYAAAA BABA BEE SE BABAAAAA, SAY HENYYAAAAAA…. HUMMMMMMMM

(hoarders alert at :43!!)

Unfortunately I can’t participate in this awesome new phenomenon because have two 60+ lb Golden Retrievers who are fat and I’m not ripped like Rafiki and it would hurt my arms to lift them above my head like that. Maybe I’ll steal someone’s cat a make a video with theirs and pretend like it’s mine.

NERD ALERT: Bluegrass band performs Super Mario song


They should replace the actual theme song with this version because I like it better.

Rebecca Black interview addressing all the cyberbullying that I have willfully contributed to.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rebecca sat down with some random women from ABC and talked about her sudden rise to fame and all the hater comments. She thinks she’s being cyberbullied, and I’m pretty confident I contributed to that.

LOL at 2:58, her mom saying, “In all honest I probably could’ve killed a few people” …. hopefully the people you kill are the producers of the song. Because they deserve it.

She sings a few bars of the national anthem and sounds OK doing it, but I bet it would sound better with some autotune adjustment, featuring T-Pain.

So… I was wrong. Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” is about Adam Young and he responded with a song for Valentine’s day! AWWWW

A while back I wrote a blog speculating the song “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift was about John Mayer, since she intentionally used the word “wonderstruck” in the lyrics because the mysterious man used it in an email. I figured John Mayer would use a douchey word like wonderstruck, hence my conclusion.

Well, apparently I was wrong.

The song is about Adam Young from the band Owl City. You know, the crappy auto-tune band that sang the non-sensical summer hit Fireflies? Now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, he has responded with his own version of the song, and cutely enough changed some of the lyrics too:

I was never in love with someone else / I never had somebody waiting on me / ‘Cause you were all of my dreams come true / And I just wish you knew / Taylor I was so in love with you.”


Listen to his version of the song here:

“Lebron Is A Bitch” song… hilarious

The second best thing about this video is that guy’s mustache.

Video annnnd song of the day.

“That’s like the best you can get on that countdown! I feel happy. I’m going to celebrate.  I’m going to Chuck E Cheese. Then I’m getting a pedicure. Then I’m going back to Chuck E Cheese and showing everyone my pedicure.  Wait. Maybe not that last part.  k bye.”

Sara Bareilles upon hearing her song made #1 on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown

Song (and video) of the Day

Fresh sound. Love it.

“Baby I’m Yours” – Breakbot feat. Irfane

Thanks, TheGrip