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Katy Perry knocked off a Sara Bareilles song, and I’m not even mad about it.

Katy Perry Roar Cover

Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar,” was just released…. and it’s one of those songs that’s like herpes and will never go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of it (I AM NOT SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE, BY THE WAY.) So, if you press play, be prepared to hum this shit for like 2 days! I’m warning you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So now that you’ve infected your brain with that song, people are saying Katy Perry ripped off the Sara Bareilles song, “Brave,” which I have to agree after listening to the songs. They have a similar beat, sway, and message.

They’re not exactly the same. but the fact that Katy tweeted about the song Brave a few months ago doesn’t help her case much. I’d never heard Sara’s song before, so I listened to it, and it made me cry because it’s such a great song and video, and message. Words to live by, folks. Show me how big your brave is!!!

Here is the mashup of the two songs. You see what I’m sayin’?

Either way, it happens. They’re different enough that I think maybe Katy was just inspired by the song. Just like when you hear a joke and you think of it months/years later and think you thought of it yourself? But you actually stole it? Yeah, like that.

READ BEFORE YOU BUY! Garage Cotton stole Homage t-shirt design, not licensed OSU apparel

You can buy the ORIGINAL Script Ohio design at

For those of you that don’t know about Homage, it’s a Columbus based clothing company that has exploded over the last few years. They make the best t-shirts of all time. They’re soft, comfy, quality, and if you wear one people will definitely ask you where you bought it. I can confirm it!

Their shirts are almost always university or sports themed. They pay homage (get it?) to past sports icons and traditions, and also create new ones (like the Rah Rag). My brother is great friends with the guys who own it and design the shirts. They have worked (and played) super hard to create the brand. And that’s what it is… a BRAND. Their Facebook isn’t completely full of self promotion. There are sports videos, information about sports icons…Homage is a big part of Buckeye culture in Columbus! One of their most popular t-shirt designs is their Script Ohio shirt:

Enter clothing company “Garage Cotton.”They’re taking out ads on Facebook targeting people from Ohio. Guess what shirt they’re using in the ad? YEP, you guessed it… an Script Ohio knock off shirt:

Garage Cotton says they’re a university and sports themed throwback t-shirt company with the softest tees and all original designs. Which is exactly what Homage is. Also, last time I checked, “all original designs” doesn’t include ones you stole from another company, am I correct?

Their designs are all reminiscent of Homage, except shitty. They even photograph their t-shirts the same way for their website! But really, this needs to be said…..that logo. SERIOUSLY. Someone who designed that crap could not come up with great designs like Homage t-shirts.

Example. Here’s an Homage Steelers shirt. Tradition, history, real design….

And here’s a Garage Cotton Steelers t-shirt:

Your honor, I rest my case. Moral of the story is….. even though Garage Cotton will more than likely end up like most t-shirt companies (out of business), they shouldn’t reap rewards for a stolen design while they’re still alive and kicking. I encourage everyone reading this to go to their Facebook page and leave feedback stating you don’t support them ripping off designs from Homage.

UPDATE: On top of that, Garage Cotton is selling unlicensed Ohio State apparel. The Script Ohio logo is licensed by Ohio State, which Homage received and applied for. Which means Garage Cotton will have to stop selling them eventually. Hopefully they get sued or something.

UPDATE 2.0: Thanks to the person that pointed out in the comments section how similar the Garage Cotton Steelers shirt is to a previous design done by Homage last year. JUST SAYIN’. See for yourself. Again, I guess these are all coincidences…

Carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.

What won’t the Kardashians endorse? Let’s see… they have a weight loss supplement, candy, clothing, perfume, television shows, wedding photos, and Khloe even said she considered endorsing an official Kardashian vibrator until her husband said it was out of the question. My guess is there’s nothing they won’t endorse, especially since they’re now hawking a credit card. Yeah, you heard me. The Kardashians just introduced the The Kardashian Kard.

And of course, just like with their weight-loss product, this card doesn’t do much for you. If anything, it’s worse for you since it has a few hidden fees. And when I say “a few” I actually mean “a shiat-ton.” Here are a few…

Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 6 months) $59.95
Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 12 months) $99.95
Monthly Fee (Applies after initial purchase period) $7.95
Card Replacement – Primary or Companion $9.95
ATM Withdrawal – Domestic $1.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – Domestic $1.00
ATM Withdrawal – International $2.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – International $2.00
Point of Sale – Decline -Domestic $1.00
Point of Sale – Decline – International $1.00
External Checking or Savings Transfer (To/From) $1.00
Account to Account Transfer * $1.00
Retail Load Fee (MoneyGram) $1.00
Load Account by Debit/Credit Card ** $1.00
Cancel Account – Request Balance Mailed by Check $6.00
Service Center Care-Live operator $1.50
Bill Pay – Per Item $2.00
Replacement Card Expedite Fee (Overnight) $25.00
* Fee for transferring money from external accounts and to other cardholder accounts
** 2.5% surcharge of transaction amount applies

Sounds like carrying a Kardashian is both heavy and expensive.