Animals bein’ cute


But…. *I* want to hug a lion, too!!!

Odds are I would risk going into this situation totally untrained (and likely to die) just for the chance that the lion MIGHT hug me, too.

Cat plays in snow for the first time. Summary –

I’m used to seeing dog videos like this, not cat videos! And even after watching this adorable cat play with snow, I can still tell you that every puppy/dog video on the internet is superior to it, because canines are superior to felines in almost every possible way, except in the potty department, because cats shit in a litter box. My dog, and the dogs in all those adorable dogs-playing-in-snow videos, do not shit in litter boxes.

BUT……..the video is still cute enough to post. So here you go, enjoy.


Tank and me, hangin’ out

Tank is cuddly


Never give up!

dog squeezing through catdoor

This doesn’t make any sense, but I laughed anyway.


I dare you not to laugh/smile at this.

Ahhhhh it kills me.

Old man bought an island for like $10k back in the day, now lives with giant turtles. What a boss.